Professional Garment Fitting Techniques 

Join us for a masterclass in fitting techniques

Date : Saturday 22nd February 

Time : 10.00am - 5.00pm

Price : £99.00


Need help fitting &

don't know where to start?

Haven't got a clue how to fix that problem in your design to make it fit perfectly? 

Join us for a masterclass in fitting techniques, taught by award winning fashion designer MaryRose McGrath who has worked in the London fashion industry for brands such as M&S, Oasis, Evans, House of Fraser and many other high street labels. MaryRose will be analysing and illustrating correction techniques on each of the students fit problems, watched and noted by those attending this class. 

Welcome to a professional fitting session - this happens daily in the fashion industry. MaryRose has 24 years of experience in womenswear design, cutting and fitting. She has attend hundreds if not several thousand fit sessions to date, and has fitted on petite, standard and curvy figures. She will be teaching the required correction techniques to all students present - this school believes the fastest way to learn fitting techniques is through visual correction, in a professional fitting session. 

What is involved & what will I learn?

With just 8 students present, this is an amazing opportunity to watch many different fit correction techniques. Each student is invited to bring fit issues to class in garment form - a mock up is preferred in calico, with a time slot allocated to them personally to study the problems with each silhouette. 

MaryRose will then correct each fit issue in front of the class, to maximise the learning experience for everyone. A list of corrections will be given to each students, which means the garments can be easily corrected at home through the instructions given. 

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